Imaginative Ways Out Of Boredom

One way of relieving boredom is to go on holiday. This was in the middle of France.

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30 thoughts on “Imaginative Ways Out Of Boredom

    • Thankyou! We were living in Edinburgh so France was only minutes away, well sixty of them … Now we are back in Australia it feels as though it would take the same time to fly to France as it would to the moon – so far away! Oh well, we love being here too! Thankyou for your lovely comments! 🌸🌺🌞

    • Ah yes, very romantic pictures, I know! It was idyllic and a few years ago now. We lived in Britain at the time and France was only an hour away … From Australia, which is where we live now, it is at least a light year … or feels it! Love your story! ⭐️❀️🌸 I have only read your response to Tess’s question but it is very beautiful! I found it so touching and so inspiring! Thankyou for writing it and for sharing it.πŸ’šπŸŒžπŸ’™

      • Nice! It’s very sweet of you to show such support for what I am doing. Makes me feel good.
        Tess has certainly been part of my foundation that I’m now building on. Incidentally, that article that she inspired has been the most popular one ever! God bless you in beautiful Australia!

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