ten days

One year. Feels like ten days.

Missed, loved, cherished.

I don’t know if it’s linked but I have simply had nothing to say, much, since my Dad took his hot air balloon ride, first into the sky and then into the multiverse.

It must have been all about him … I don’t think he’d mind.

The good news is creativity takes the same amount of forms as the multiverse; it’s infinite. Well, that’s my guess, I could easily be wrong. If not, it could be a theory.

I hope you are all well! I am and have been – which is the past in reverse, sorry – even without a word to press. If my guess is right, it’s all because of the creativity and the multiverse.

One thing about guessing; it takes the pressure off having to be right. If you declare, up front, “it’s just my guess” or something equally unanimous, people are more likely to assume you know what you’re talking about.

One of the inexplicable things about the multiverse is it is law unto itself, which partly explains everything. Luckily, it is joyous law, a good one, a multiverse where all in the same day, if not the same hour – well, maybe in the same hour but perhaps not all in the same breath – we can, at once celebrate and grieve and open our hearts. Open them to the unknown, especially the unknown in ourselves. That’s exciting. Hearts generally are, my experience is they offer up treasures.

And all on a daily basis.

But where was I? … Trekking through this multiverse, poised to discover that my writing, the things I want to write,

that everything that is important, and everything that is not (for example, the ridiculous) is all about love.

It’s purely subjective.

But I hope you have lots of it in your life.

My beautiful father. With love.




10 thoughts on “ten days

  1. Hello Gigi. So pleased to be led to your site through Auntie Alison…. connecting with her today via Peter’s photos after becoming a fb friend following meeting Peter and Kate at mum’s (Uncle Fred’s sister, Evelyn) funeral. A tad conflated but I am sure you get the gist. Fancy us both being creatives, cousins and both with WordPress blogs but our paths have not crossed. Fred certainly was an amazing man. This is the first thing that came up on your blog when I googled it. Now I will peruse more

    • Hi Evelyn!
      Thankyou for finding me! Oh gosh, I haven’t looked at my blog in ages! I used to love writing, little short stories, true to life (with a bit of magic!) but when Dad went, so did my feeling I had anything to write about! I don’t mean that in a maudlin way at all, I just think he was my muse! I loved him so much – obviously still do!- and being with him in the last few years was such fun, all my visits, and I got so much out of it! I felt I was able to capture him, how I felt and essentially, a deep love. Maybe I will write again … the last one, “ten days” was really a jot it down, standing up piece … but I wanted to post it.
      I am already sick of Facebook! I only joined two weeks ago andkind of got instantly addicted, which felt yuk! But we’ll see .. if I can balance it…
      I truly love the work of yours that I have seen. That feminine piece “Les Femmes” is so beautiful … it feels like you must have so much beauty to express! I really am a fan of beauty, I think, especially expressed in art and in femininity.
      I am sure you feel a similar deep loss that I do, saying goodbye to your Mum and your loss so very recently. You just miss them, is my experience! Even though I feel Dad has just moved to on to the next part of his infinite beingness and journey, another dimension or something or something. Even though I feel him close and far away. I still miss him!
      Lots of love to you and it’s so nice to be in touch.
      xoxoxo Gigi (Gillian)

  2. Lovely thoughts, Gigi. Clearly, your heart has lots of treasures to give and they spilled out in this multiverse of words. A great photo of your dad, the lion. His eyes are full of wisdom…passed down to you. 😌

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